Our Farms

About Cowal Agriculture

Cowal Agriculture, a Queensland company based in Emerald, owns and operates 5,000 hectares of cropland along the Nogoa River. Irrigated by the Fairbairn Dam, 20 kilometres upstream, our properties produce summer and winter crops including; cotton, mungbean, sorghum, chickpeas and wheat, primarily for export to Asia.

We run our business with family-farmer care and implement industry best management practices in every facet of our operations. Furthermore, we provide our staff with the opportunity for professional growth through ongoing training while enriching our community with employment and investment – which we believe to be the foundations of development.


Cowal Ag farms eight Central Highlands properties with a team of 10 full time employees assisted by another 5 workers for the peak summer cropping season. The dominant summer rainfall of Central Queensland and Nogoa River alluvial soils suit our key cropping rotation of cotton, sorghum, mungbeans, chickpeas and wheat. Our farms have valuable natural assets including; riparian and anabranch areas, ephemeral billabongs and several distinct vegetation associations supporting considerable wildlife populations.


There are a range of agroecosystems on Cowal Ag farms supporting a variety of animal life.  While the farms support a number of local species throughout the year there can also be significant influxes of migratory species in summer and winter.


Several distinct vegetation associations including; riparian and anabranch areas, ephemeral billabongs and sand ridges, supplement the majority alluvial floodplain open woodland. Our farms are located in the Brigalow Belt [north] regional ecosystem.